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Meet Your Trainer

Jill Henry,  Owner/Trainer

Jill attends courses throughout North America to ensure the most up-to-date training techniques.


Happy Customers

"So, this happened today, of his own accord, like 4 times. Even brought his toys in there and chilled for a while when daddy came home from work. Only you could get him to do this Jill, only you. THANK YOU!!!"
Stephanie & Reece J, & Bentley

Obedience Unleashed is devoted to helping you overcome any obstacles that your dog may be facing.

We specialize in aggression, leash reactivity, behaviour modification, off­-leash reliability & socialization.

Have you worked with other trainers with minimal or no success?

Give us a try – you might be surprised at what we can help you achieve! If you are dealing with any serious behaviours (aggression, fear, leash­ reactivity, separation anxiety, etc), call us to set up a FREE consultation.


  • Come every time when called
  • Have a "place" to go when told
  • Sit or down when asked, for as long as you want
  • Walk comfortably by your side,on OR off leash
  • Behave in real-life conditions, not just in your backyard
  • Act appropriately with other dogs and people or unfamiliar situations life without a leash


  • Bolt and lunge, on OR off leash
  • Claim furniture as their own
  • Act wildly and out-of-control
  • Ignore you
  • Jump on people
  • Bark and chew

Don’t see something that appeals to you? Let us know your ideas & thoughts! We always do our best to accommodate your training needs.

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